KineMaster Pro + Mod Apk v7.4.11.32428.GP Latest Version 2023 (Premium Unlocked / Without Watermark)

Make your videos the best and edit them according to the latest trends. Download the latest version of KineMaster Mod Apk and start professionally editing videos. Kinemaster Pro Apk is the latest Video Editor tool that is getting viral day by day due to its excellent and Unique features. This is the best video editing tool currently available on the internet. If you are a blogger, you can edit your videos to share them on YouTube and other social media pages. Download it today and get all the premium features of this amazing application without any cost.

Application NameKineMaster Mod Apk
System RequirementsAndroid 4 + / 1 GB RAM
App Versionv7.4.11.32428.GP
Total Downloads700+ Million
App size89 MB
CategoryVideo Editing Tool
Last Updated01 Days Ago


KineMaster is a video editing tool that is currently the best tool available for Android. Now it is very easy for you to make a video with your Android smartphone and edit it on the spot with this beautiful application. Add music or Audio recording of your choice in videos and publish them on social media and other video-sharing websites. Make your moments memorable with KineMaster Video Editing Tool and save them for complete life so your new generation may watch them in a video shape. You can add different features to your videos, like trimming the video, setting the speed of the video, and adding different transition effects to your videos.

Kinemaster Apk

You will get 3D effects, volume control, and wonderful filters in this app. If you are a content creator or a blogger, KineMaster is your best partner. There are many advanced and unique features in the this app, which we will tell you in detail today so that you may have a bigger idea of this incredible application before using it.


If you are a KineMaster lover, then we recommend you to use KineMaster Pro Apk Download. This is a unique application where all features are unlocked, and all edited videos will be without a watermark. The features of this pro application will give your videos a professional look, and you can raise your popularity in the blogging world with this amazing application. Download KineMaster Mod today and get all the features of this beautiful application without paying anything. Today, we will tell you about all the remarkable features of this amazing application so that you may read all the instructions before using this app.

Kinemaster pro app


There are many key features and advanced features in this app which we are going to tell you about today. Let us have a look at them.

Features of KineMaster Mod Apk

Add Animation to Videos

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. AenNow adding different sorts of animation in your videos is a cup of tea for you with Kinemaster Pro Apk. You can add different animations like smoke, rain, moving, and static elements in your videos with KineMaster. This beautiful application has a built-in list of advanced effects, which you can add to your Videography for a professional look.ean diam dolor, accumsan sed rutrum vel, dapibus et leo.

Chroma Key Feature of KineMaster Pro Apk

You have yet to listen to chroma key features before the invention of KineMaster. This is an amazing feature that makes you able to change the background of videos. The green screen feature was initially used by different software available for PC. People use to edit videos and change their backgrounds on PC. This is the first time a mobile phone application gives the same feature used in Hollywood and Bollywood movies. Now edit your videos like a movie scene and change the background of your mobile-made videos with KineMaster Download.

Get the Best Transition Effects

Do you have an idea about video transition? If not, then let me tell you today. Did you ever notice the merging of different scenes in movies? The special effects used to merge the scenes or shots in a film are called transition effects. Now, KineMaster App already has a list of these effects that you can use to make your video more professional. You edit and design a complete Vlog with this incredible Android smartphone application. You can add effects like zoom in and zoom out in a specific area of a video. Adding different sorts of elements in the video is now very easy for you because you have one of the best applications on your mobile phone. You will have this amazing feature in just one click with KineMaster Apk.

Multi-Layer Feature of KineMaster

The multi-layer function was initially introduced in Adobe PhotoShop to edit photos. This is the first time a video editing tool allows you to edit videos using different layers. You can add up to 12 layers for editing, depending upon the capacity of your mobile. But recommended layer from us is six layers at one time. You can add different filters and transition effects in all these layers without making any changes to other layers. It means you can change different parts of a video without disturbing the complete video.

Multi-Track Audio Addition Feature

Add different audio files as background and foreground in your videos with KineMaster Mod Apk. This is a beautiful feature of this unique application which can give your Vlog video a professional shape. You can add different music saved in your mobile phone as background music in low volume. Then add foreground audio as the primary audio used in a video. With this app, you can make short movies with your mobile phone and edit them like a professional movie. These things are doable on Android, and you don’t need a professional camera or Laptop to edit videos.

Voice Recording Feature

If you are a V-loger and making a documentary, then you can use KineMaster to add your voice to that video via its voice recording feature. The recorded voice can be saved in outstanding quality, and you can add different effects with your recorded voice to make your video more professional. Many people use KineMaster Pro as a primary app to edit their documentaries and quote videos. Download KineMaster Pro Apk today and become a professional V-loger without any delay.

Add Filter in Videos

Suppose you are making a documentary in a hilly area or a forest, and your mobile camera is not so good at capturing the true colors of nature. In that case, you can enhance the colors of the video with KineMaster. This is the best application you can have to make your videos more beautiful and colorful according to the nature of your video.

Make Video of Pictures

If you want to wish a birthday to someone with a video and add some music to it, then you can do that with KineMaster Mod Apk. You need to have some pictures of that person and then add all those pictures to KineMaster. Start making a video with those pictures and add special effects and music of your choice in one click. This is a good feature of this app because you need photographs and make a video in a professional way. You can add animations and your voice to that video. Download KineMaster Pro today and amaze your friends by making professional videos.

Set the Quality of Videos

If you made a video in 720p quality, then after editing the video, you can enhance the quality of that video with this application. This is the best way to turn a good video into the best video. If you are uploading a video to YouTube, you have to upload it in the maximum available video quality so that viewers have an excellent video to watch. Download it without any delay and start making the best videos for yourself.

Save Videos without Watermark

The side effect of most of the apps is a watermark. When you edit some video and save it on your mobile phone, then you will find a watermark or trademark sign of that application in your video. KineMaster without Watermark Apk is the best feature of this app. You will not get a watermark on a video when you edit it. So, With all these distinguished features, KineMaster Pro is the best video editing application. Download this wonderful app today without losing a second and become a professional video editor.

How to Download and Install KineMaster Pro Apk?

Time Required for Installation: 02 Minutes

  • Open your default web browser (Chrome, Opera Mini, or Firefox).
  • Go to the official website of KineMaster (KINEMASTER.PK).
  • Download the Apk file from the download button given above.
  • Open the settings of your mobile phone and enable download from UNKNOWN SOURCES (Disable after installation).
  • Open the browser again and go to downloads.
  • Tap on the downloaded Apk file and let the system finish the installation.
  • After completion of installation, open the KineMaster Pro in your apps list and start using it.

How to Fix Errors in KineMaster Mod Apk?

There are some errors and problems which you may often face. We are also providing the solution to those problems so that if you meet that problem, you may solve it quickly.

  1. Application is not Installed: If the application is not installed, uninstall the previous app first, then download and install the latest version as per the instructions above. Your problem will be resolved.
  2. KineMaster does not show your videos in Media Storage: Download and install the latest version of the app and enable media storage permission while installing the application. Your problem will be resolved, and you can see all videos in KineMaster to edit.


KineMaster is a leading video editing tool that is trending in 2023. You can edit your hand professionally made videos with this app. The prominent features of this app are chroma key, multi-layer video editing, and adding customized audio.

Yes. This app is available on the Google play store, but you will get limited features from there. This is a safe application, and you can download this app from KINEMASTERZ.NET with all features unlocked.

Yes. This app is scanned by the world’s best applications and declared safe to download and Install. Download the latest version today and enjoy all features without any cost.


Video Editing is the dream of everyone, and people want to be professional in this modern era of technology. KineMaster made it easy for everyone to become professional video editors and Vloggers. We have enabled all the amazing features of KineMaster Pro, which you can use free of cost. This is the only video editing tool that gives you unique features like Chroma Key and Multi-layered editing. Download KineMaster without Watermark today and enjoy this amazing application without wasting a single minute. Thank You…!!!

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